Have you once felt in one time your life will end soon? Have you? Well…I have and I always remember that. It was on May 27th, 2006. What happened on that day? Let me give you a clue, it was a natural disaster happened in Yogyakarta. Do you remember? Yes, at that time the tectonic earthquake happened in Yogyakarta and I was still in college.

The story started when I just woke up in the morning and just stayed in my bedroom since it was Saturday. The quite morning suddenly broke up when walls in my badroom shaken and my books dropped off from the bookshelf. The movement was getting stronger and I quickly jumped off from my bedroom and saw panic face from all my friend. Then we went of from our boarding house only to see Mount Merapi. It produced big smoke, so we though it has erupted and caused the earthquake, because at that time the merapi status was in alert notice.

Then the smaller intensity of earthquake happened and we couldn’t do anything. I scared and worried if the eruption would reached my boarding house. But, when we turned on the radio, because the electricity was off, we heard the epicentrum was from south sea, not from the volcano. the magnitude was quite big, for about 5,9 richter scale. I also heard from the radio, one dead of heart attack triggered by the earthquake. I talked to myself, the victim was unlucky. Then, you know what? The numbers of victim was rapidly increasing. From one to ten, from ten to hundreds. Oh my God, I just realized that it was a serious disaster. I didn’t believed before because I didn’t see any serious destruction and no victim around me. Most of the victim come from bantul, the nearest place from the epicentrum. The earthquake also reached many other region, such us Boyolali, Sukoharjo, Solo, and Magelang in Central Java.

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