Startup Lokal Meetup : Team Building

Our meetup

Our meetup

Last night, I attended Startup Lokal meetup at GEPI incubator, Kuningan. As one of Startup Lokal volunteer, I came earlier to preapre anything. I came at 18.10 and the first think I have done was break the fasting or Buka Puasa… we worried bacause the hard raining outside, but thanks God, the participant came one by one. At 19.00 we started the meetup by introducing GEPI profile and program.. if you want to know more about GEPI, just visit their website >

Our speaker was Courtney Morris. He is Investment Analyst Grassroots Business Fund

Courtney said that Business is people so choose them well ..he said we have to make a goal from our business.. the goal should be visible goal and we have to break down the component of that goal and the last we have to identify what we have as a founder and what is still needed from others…

Ih order to hire people, we have to require universal characteristics such as :

  • Passionate about the end goal/mission
  • Trustworthy
  • Hardworking & ready to iterate
  • Creative

If the people is your partner, we should notice some of this point :

  • The need : essential skills dan resources outside your capacity
  • Strong value preoposition
  • Complete matach on core value
  • Complimentary think of it like a marriage
  • Ready to take the same amount of risk and workload and the best candidate should be trustworthy peers.

How if the people is your Employee (s)?

  • The need : semi essential & periphery resources outside your focus
  • Smart, creative, hard worker and trainibility
  • able to operate with minumum resourses
  • etc

Then the have to think about : What are 3 personal strength you bring to business and what do you value most in your self & other? many interserting answers appeared last night.. after that, we divided into group consist of 4 people and we have to think about one business idea and we have to choose what our roles in the business…

Unfortunatelly, I have to back home earlier because I have to chase the last train.. and at 23.30 I landed at home safely.. Thank you Courtney, thank you all 🙂