Someone Like You – ADELE

Here’s the lyric 🙂

I heard that you’re settled down
That you found a girl and you’re married now.
I heard that your dreams came true.
Guess she gave you things I didn’t give to you.

Old friend, why are you so shy?
Ain’t like you to hold back or hide from the light.

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Let’s happy to maximize your potential

Happy Face

Everybody wants to be happy in their life; they spend more money to get happiness. They travel around to find happiness; they forget one thing that happiness comes from within. Happiness is you, and you need this to maximize your potential. Gain happiness is not something difficult if you know the key, there are free yourself from fear, give more and expect less. The main threat to get happiness come form ourselves. We create our limit to gain happiness. I ever read Joel Osteen challenges to out from our narrow mindset and start to think with new paradigm. He gives us 7 tips. Check this out …

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Three Steps to Make Your Next Speech Your Best

In my experience of over two decades of coaching executives in their public speaking, I rarely run across one who has both the time and the inclination to do what it takes to deliver a great speech. Most of them are satisfied with average, which is partly why there are so many bad speeches given. The bar is set very low, and most executives are content to clear the bar, just.

Speech Ilustration

What’s to be done about this sorry state of rhetorical affairs? Here, I offer three quick steps leaders can take right now to improve their next speech. The steps are conceptually sophisticated but relatively easy to implement, thus fitting the busy executive lifestyle and addressing the natural objections of time and inclination. Continue reading

10 Ways to Improve your Speech Delivery

Below are some well-known and some not-so-well-known tips for delivering your speech. The key is not whether you know these tips; it’s whether you put them into practice.

1. Don’t forget about your face. Your facial expressions are more important than all your arm and hand movements combined. The eyes are indeed the windows to the soul. What you do with them can make or break your entire speech.

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7 ineffective humans’ habits

Here are 7 habits we have to avoid for a better life. Let’s check out one by one 🙂

  1. Not exists: There is a quote: 80% of success is existing yourself! One of the biggest and simplest you can do to make sure success in life – whether in social life, career, or your health is only need to be existing yourself, just show up!! If you want to improve your health, one of important and effective way you can do is just to show up in fitness centre regularly. Maybe the weather is unfriendly and reduces your spirit to go to fitness centre. But, if you stay to go even if when is raining, then your motivation will be higher compare if you only lying on your bad at home. It will affect the whole aspect in your life. If you write or paint more, then your ability will grow fast. If you much out your home, then you will find more new friends. Only by exists, will make more difference. No exist, no your Fotosteps.
  2. Delay for a long day: Here are some steps to avoid delay habits:
    • Do the hardest things first in the morning. Morning activity will raise your spirit and create positive momentum for a long day. Usually, that things will create a productive days.
    • How to eat an elephant? Don’t ever expect to eat in one bite. This makes you delay your job. Put your job into smaller task. Then, focus only to the  first priority and not others. Do it until finish. Then, go to the next job. Continue reading

Mengenal Lebih Jauh Sosial Media dan Praktek Blogging Lanjutan (Reportase part-2 ToT)

Excited !! itulah gambaran para peserta ToT Pemanfaatan ICT sebagai Media Pembelajaran di hari ke-2 yang diselenggarakan di Indosat Training and Confrence Center (ITCC). aktivitas pagi ini dimulai dengan mandi dan sarapan pagi bersama, dan entah karena kelaparan malamnya tidur jam 2 karena menyelesaikan tulisan untuk blog atau memang rakus atau karena menunya enak, pagi itu saya makan porsi double, alias diluar porsi saya biasanya. Semoga peserta lain tidak kekurangan karena saiaaa ..hehhe. Manu sarapan pagi itu adalah nasi goreng, ayam goreng, telor ceplok, dan kerupuk udang. One one my favorite 🙂 

Tepat jam 7.30 kami memasuki ruangan yang dari kamarin menjadi tempat kami yang paling nyaman. Materi pelatihan pertama dihari kedua ini adalah Pemanfaatan sosial media dan domain berbayar. Materi pemanfaatan sosial media dibawakan oleh Mb Ajeng yang nama aslinya RA Nunuk P, mb ajeng ini adalah seorang dosen di Fakultas Kedokteran UI dan menjabat Sekretaris Blogger Asean.  Mb ajeng bisaa disapa di web nya atau dan akun twitter ya di @ajengkol. Mengawali pembahasannya mb ajeng mengatakan bahwa dalam social media, every users has influence so we have to think before post, atau setiap pengguna media sosial mempunyai pengaruh sehingga kita harus berfikir sebelum memposting sesuatu entah itu status, foto, video, comment dan lain sebagainya. Media sosial menghubungan kita dengan banyak pihak, sehingga dalam menggunakannya kita harus menggunakan etika. Sudah banyak kasus orang-orang yang menghadapi masalah terkait penggunaan media sosial. Sehingga dapat dibilang sosial media seperti mata pisau, tergantung untuk apa kita menggunakannya.

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