English & Vocab:)

What is English?
I will share some trick to mastery English ..english is unique language, the first thing that we should remember: what is language? Language is a means of communication (bahasa adalah alat komunikasi). It means that language is only a tool to express our tought (pikiran), feeling (perasaan) and needs (kebutuhan). Now, you will start learning english, the final goal is so simple that you are able to use english to convey your tought, feeling and needs etc..

to mastery english, you should know many vocabularies. the principle is the more words you know, the more words you can speak. imagine when you go to the the mall and bring much money, you can buy anything that you want because you have much money. but, when you have no money, you have no many option. so, if you want to speak english more, you should able to know many vocabularies first

yuk belajar reading and vocab …I give you an article taken from thejakartapost.com and try to translate it, so you can learn from it ..

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), along with 52 national and international experts on corruption, will discuss joint efforts to tackle foreign bribery in international business transactions in an event hosted by the KPK in Nusa Dua, Bali, on Tuesday.

KPK bersama dengan 52 ahli korupsi nasional dan internasional, akan mendiskusikan usaha bersama untuk menyelesaikan suap asing dalam transaksi bisnis internasional dalam acara yang diselenggarakan oleh KPK di Nusa Dua, Bali pada hari Selasa.

along with = bersama
expert = ahli
joint effort = usaha bersama


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