Unforgettable Moment at Surakarta Kraton

Last Sunday, I had a great opportunity to visit The Surakarta Kraton (Palace). As a part of Asean Blogger Community, we are invited by the Kraton. Do you want to know what I get there? Let me share my story … :)))

The Surakarta Kraton were established in 1744 by Pakubuwono II. So it was 269 years ago. The location of Surakarta Kraton is in the city of Surakarta/Solo, in the province of Central Java. The main function of the Kraton as a residence of the King or in Surakarta called as a Sunan because he’s known as a central figure, so the Kraton become a central of culture, government, regulation, and source of knowledge for the people. Now, the Surakarta Kraton become one of tourism object in Solo City.  We can find various collection owned by the palace, the gift  from Kings of Europe and many more. This Kraton is one of the best example of traditional Java’s palace architecture. Beside the building, Surakarta Kraton has also an invaluable cultural heritage. Some of them are traditional ceremony, sacred dance, music etc. The famous ceremony are Grebeg, Skaten and Malam Satu Suro. The ceremony since the kingkom era until now has been held and must be preserved. These traditional ceremony can be seen as an interesting tourism object to be immortalized.


If you want to visit Surakarta Kraton Hadiningrat, you must obey some rules such as not wearing hat, black glasses, shorts, sandals, and also jacket. The palace building surounded by the plaza, Klewer market, and Surakarta Grand Mosque. When I entered the Kraton, I felt so amazed by the architecture. The main color of the building is blue and white. The visitor can get the ticket entrance in the east side, for domestic tourist the entrance fee is IDR 10,000 and for foreigner about IDR 15.000. if you want to rent the guide you have to add more IDR 30.000. We really enjoyed being there. We saw very beautiful dance, we also enjoyed the traditional food and many more.

We entered Sasana that looks so clasic and has european style, this is often used for seminar puropose or welcoming guests kingdom. If you want to come here, dont forget to use clothes from cotton, the weather is quite hot and you can also bring hand fan. To enter the Kraton, I suggest you to use clothes covered. In the front of Kraton, we can see cannon made from bronze called Kyai Rancawarna. In the museum, visitors can see heritage object from Surakarta Kraton and also some fragments of the temple that found in Central Java. The collection that can find in the museum such as royal servants cooking tool, the ancient weapons used by the royal family, and also equipment art. An interesting object we can see are Golden Train, the Cap greatness from Paku Buwana VI, Paku Buwana VII and Paku Buwana X. They were king of the palace.


If you want to visit this Kraton, you can come on Monday-Thursday from 09.00-14.00 and also Saturday-Sunday 09.00-13.00. The address of the Kraton at Mangkubumen Sasono Mulyo Street, Solo City. In the Kraton, I saw many statues of the the greece and it is a gifts from Netherland. They have close relationship with Surakarta Hadiningrat Kraton hundreads year ago. I want to tell you whether you confuse the name of Surakarta or Solo. Surakarta name used in the formal goverment situation and Solo/Sala more common usage. I suggest all of you to come to Solo and don’t forget to visit Surakarta Palace and you will find unforgettable moment. You can find many traditional food, many culture, and the the friendly people. There’s very easy acceess to get there, many hotels, many public transportation and you will find the peacefullness of the city.

Let’s come to Surakarta 🙂


Asean Blogger, sumber: Pak Dian Kelana

Asean Blogger, sumber: Pak Dian Kelana





2 comments on “Unforgettable Moment at Surakarta Kraton

  1. Halo pak, makasihhh ini masih belajar banget nulis hehhe.. iya pak, lagi belajar juga pake Bhs Inggris meskipun masih bnyk salah, tp gpp hehhe.. iya pak ak inget yang turun di Jati Asih itu ya, wah blm sempat berguru banyak soal nulis nih sama bapak..

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