English For Us… Let’s Learn English&Public Speaking Together

Since a year ago, I really want to have my own English Club/course. I already made a business plan. Why I really want it? First, I love learning English. When I was in College, I started to love Englis, but no English textbook ya XD. I continued to learn English after graduate and had a job. I also joined in Toastmasters Club. It is Public Speaking Club but in English. I love this club because we can learn English, Public Speaking, Communication and Leadership as well. When I taught in Iptek Vocational School, I planned to make English and Public Speaking club named Epsco (English & Public Speaking Course) but, I have to postpone it because I resigned from the school. Then, working in Education Consultant Company motivate me aain to build English Club, but last year I was so busy with vocational school that I have just started. I have to manage this seriously. The story started when my cousin asked me to search English conversation teacher because she want to improve her English skills. Then, in the process of searching, I met Fida. She is my friend as a volunteer in Akademi Berbagi chapter Bekasi. She want to organize English Camp for student. I talked to her that that for now it would be hard because not in holiday season. Then we discussed to open English Club, made a flyer and also twitter account. So don’t forget to follow our twitter account ya @EFUClub and also our blog at https://englishforusclub.wordpress.com/

Here we are :)

Here we are 🙂

CIMG0143 CIMG0144 CIMG0149

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