We Proud of You, Pak!

My Dad is everythings.. yes, I say it with all of my heart. Last month, my father got appreciation from his office as Employee Exemplary. He got the appreciaton because of his dedication, responsibility and also integrity to work. I think that my father is really dedicated to his work, as I can see it everyday. He never absent and even never late come to his office. I also often see him bring works to home and do it until midnight. His responsibility as an administration is awesome make him as organized person. I learn more about it from him.



Since I was child, we are very close. I feel comfort with him so I can share and tell anything to him. Even we rarely met when I was child but it didn’t make us far away. When I was in Elementary school, my father always take care of me, taught me how to write well and I remember that my father ironed my uniform very neat. I also used to join when my father went to work such as went to the field rice, or when my father become a driver assistant. I know since I was child how he work hard for us.. for our better future..

Unfortunatelly, when I was in 3rd grade Elementary School, my father has moved to Jakarta to get a better job so my parents could give us a better education.. we were so sad, but we realized that it all for our future. He went home once in a month, I love when my father came because he brought Bobo Magazine, my father has subsribed that magazine for us every week, so we got 4 magazine every month.. hmm, there’s no end if I told about my father 🙂 we love you Pak –Ceu. Dee.Mama-



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