Let’s Make Library as a Centre of Learning

A month ago, December 3rd 2012 I was so lucky because I had opportunity as a facilitator from Coca Cola Foundation and Mark Plus to give training from all library staf in State Library of Sukoharjo. I went there by Lion Air from CKG and arrived at Adi Sumarmo airport. I think that Adi Sumarmo located in Solo but I was wrong the location in Boyolali. On Sunday I just stayed at Hotel because it was hard raining. In the morning, I was picked by Ibu Siti. I feel a little bit nervous because this is my first time. I got impressed by the library there because in my opinion the library has good building and facilities. I saw perling (Perpustakaan Keliling) which operates into rural area in Sukoharjo, I saw kids room, audio video room, reading room, internet room and many more.

We held training in internet room. Before we start the training, we were introducing each other. I felt more relax after that because they were nice and funny so I was sure that the training would run well. The theme of the training was: Enhancing Library Performance: Improving Library Quality through Effective Promotion Strategy and Visitor Service. In the first day, we discussed about mindset of librarian, how to involve a community, effective promotion which consist of content promotion and media promotion. In this session, I asked them what they feel about the current situation of library.  Many of them said that library was left behind by other institution because it has  lowest budget so it can’t provide update books for the society. Then I asked them to write about their expectation about the library for the next five or ten years. They expected that library will be a centre of learning for all the society in Sukoharjo. After brainstorming about their expectation for library, they devided into 3 groups. They asked to figure out about their library’s dream. Wow they had high expectation about future library and after drew the ideal library they presented it in front of the class. Next we discussed about how to getting involve with the community. We focused into 3 main community: woman, teenager and entrepreneur. Why community? 1. The visitors relatively bigger 2. Loyality will be much higher also 3. Promotional cost will be much more effective and efficient. So the library must provide activities that related to:

  • Emotion: helping the community to realize the importance of community for its members
  • Escape: helping the community members to fully involved
  • Envolving: Ensuring the changes and adaptation in the community
  • Stories: Inspires others to involve in the community through interesting stories
  • Social: Make them speak up and getting closer each other.
some pics :)

some pics 🙂

SAM_1080 SAM_0993 SAM_1204

Then the librarian divided into 3 groups: woman, teenager and entrepreneur. They asked to identify the related community and write down the suitable activity can be held based on that community. Still on Monday, we continued to discussed about how to make effective promotion. We discussed about how to make effective promotion sentences. The sentences should be simple and onle consist of 3 words. Beside content, another part of promotion is media. choosing the media has 3 aspect: target of promotion, the scope and cost. The aim is: enhancing the awarness of library, enhancing the image of library, encourage the first visit to the library and enhancing the loyality of visitor. Alhmadulillah the first day of tarining has finished and after that I went back to the hotel and just taking a rest and get ready for tomorrow.

The second day, we talked about  effective promotion and creating an event. They asked to arrange an event to attrack people come to the library. They were enthisuast when creating the event. They planned an event based on the community. For example they planned to create a Lurik exhibition, make up contest and creating an english community.  In the last day, we talked about how to be a great librarian and how to handle a complain. In the last day also, finally I had opportunity to buy some batik in Solo. I went there with Bu Siti and her husband. We went to PGS (Pusat Grosir Solo) because the Klewer market was already closed. I bought some clothes for my family. Hmm and in the next day, early morning I went to Adi Sumarmo by a taxi bacause I had to take off at 06.00. I was very happy there and I hope I have another opportunity to back 🙂

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