The first time interviewed by TV Media

interviewed by Kompas TV

Akber Bekasi held the 10th class in early Nov, the theme was about Gardening with Setio Bekti, volunteer from indonesia Berkebun. Actually I love the topic but I still have no opportunity to do that, but I wish someday I have a large garden :’)

The other special was I had opportunity to be interviewed by Kompas TV. Hm…I was nervous because it was my first time. Actually I ever had a dream to be shown on TV when I was a child. I was interviewed for Akber purpose. The interviewer asked me about akber bekasi activity. I shared about what is akber? how to make a class? how’s to join in akber? what’s is the purpose of akber etc… beside me, the interviewer also asked the students of akber and also the teacher. They asked about their oppinion of akber and also what they already get in akber class . And you know what? after uploaded the capture from the journalis on Facebook, I got so many likes and comments on that. uwuuw .. maybe this is the most likes and comments that I ever got πŸ™‚

Thank you akber, volunteer, teacher, students and Kompas TV πŸ™‚


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