What Makes a Good School?


There are many criteria that are the basis of a good school.

The academic performance of the children alone does not make for good criteria.

#1 – The most important aspect of any school is its curriculum. The curriculum should adhere to the standard adopted by the board of the school. If the curriculum does not follow the standard set by the school board, then it is of no use.

#2 – The next aspect that makes a good school is the faculty. The faculty should be properly qualified. The teachers should be well qualified and also deliver the lesson in such a way that the students are able to understand it. The teacher should be able to develop the interest of the students in the subject.

#3 – The campus of the school should be student friendly. There should be enough space for conducting games, sports and other extra-curricular activities.

#4 – The school should be accredited by the proper board and council of schools of that country. Developing a website that displays all the good points of the school and keeps every one updated on the activities of school should also be made.

#5 – An excellent school goes the extra way to make the teacher student relationship friendlier.
traits of a good school
#6 – The excellent school offers an academically challenging environment for all students and the teachers make it a challenge for all their students to use their minds well. They make the students developmentally responsive and are sensitive to the unique developmental challenges of early adolescence and respect the needs and interest of the students.

#7 – The good schools provide every student with excellent teachers, latest resources, first-rate learning opportunities, and supports and make positive opportunities available to all students.

#8 – The good schools establish standards for the organization and make arrangements to support and sustain their goal towards excellence.

#9 – An excellent school will make the priorities and criteria complementary and interdependent to each other. The students of such a school will learn to use their mind in the classroom and also assess the development needs of the children. It plays a role in a balanced growth of a child including all the elements like excellent academic development, extra-curricular activities as well as develops the child into a well balanced human being.

#10 – The child in a good school will use his mind and also develop his whole personality. There will be a well rounded growth of the student when studying in an excellent school. A good school will look after all the aspects their personality and bring all the good traits of the students to the forefront.


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