One day in a year, everyone has special day which remind them of their born day, so di I…July 22 is my birthday. As I remember, I never celebrated it since I was child. Birthday has always special meaning for me. Why? It remind me that I’m older and my time in this world reduced. The question is, am I more mature and wise than before? I always look back a year before. I asked have I reached my goal? Have I improved my life in every aspect of this life? I think it will be hard question because I have no measurement on it. This year, alhamdulillah I never leave Monday – Thursday fasting and I meet again with Ramadhan, I managed my own school as my dream and I bring Akademi Berbagi to Bekasi. But …others aspect still need more improvement. For example, I need to have a clear vision about my future and what I want in my life. I have to be closer to the God and follow all of His rule and instruction, such as sholat ontime, reading quran regularly, giving more contribution to others.

In this year, at 00.00 o’clock my parents came to me, kissed and said “Happy Birthday” and their wishes. Hmm.. it was amazing. I’m very proud of them. As the only one daughter, I know that they really love me and want the best for me. So many things they have given to me since I was born, now and in the future. Insya Allah. I hope I can also give the best of me for them. My hope in my age now, I want to be more mature, more responsible and never wasting time again for unimportant things. I want to be more gratefull for all I have. I want to make SMK ITACO bigger and bigger and also Akademi Berbagi Bekasi as a center of information in Bekasi. Aamiin :0

Thank you for all your wishes and prayer, from my friends, students, family. I hope I can be the best as I can.





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