Is Education my passion?

One year ago, I have read a good book written by Rene Suhardono. He is well known as Rene CC. The book tittle is “Your job is not your career”. I read it when I met mu old friend, Dyah who works in Bontang, Kalimantan and had business meeting in Jakarta. What I love from the book is that Job is not same with career, because job is given by your company, but career is yours! Career build by a passion. What is passion? in my oppinion, passion is what we enjoy the most, its something that motivates us to wake up in the morning. In my oppinion, if we only do our job, we just works for money. We don’t do the best effort on our works. We just do our duty and what’s on our mind is just to finish our works as soon as possible.

Buku “Your Job is not Your Career”

When I was trying to find out what is my passion, I have through many ways. I have searched for what for what I really interested in, I have found that education is my passion. I realize that I love teaching when I was in college. I was given an opportunity as a Statistical Computation Trainer in D3 Economic Faculty, replaced Mas Dhani. He was my collegue when we were in PSEKP UGM as researcher assistant. I felt energized to the class at that time. It gave me satisfaction when what I explained could be understoood by my students. After graduated, I took internship program in Bank of Indonesia as researcher assistant. Next,  I worked in insurcane company, PT. Asuransi AIU Indonesia in Proverty Department. I didn’t really like the type of work. I spent most time behind the table and computer.  While working in insurance company, I took Akta IV program in UHAMKA every Saturday and Sunday.

in 2009, I decided to resign from my job and being a full time teacher. I taught for Vocational School Iptek Jakarta located in East Jakarta. I moved also and lived near there with my father. Hmmm … for the first time, I felt so nervous bacause I have to teach Automotive students where all of them are man, Fortunatelly, I was agreed to teach business management students only. I was happy, I taught for Entrepreneurship and I also involved Public Speaking as one of additional subject (Muatan Lokal). I got a lot of experience here, but because one of others things, I have to resign. I moved to Teratai Putih Global 2 Vocational School as a computer teacher and being a part time accountant in Educational Consultant company, Imperial Education Indonesia. more info imperialeducation. Now, I really want manage my own Vocational school since I know that Vocational school can be an alternative to reduce unempolyment in indonesia and not the last option for Junior High School graduate.

So, find your own passion 😉


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