The teacher’s quality is a key success of education

The most important thing for teacher is: the teacher need to always upgrading their own quality. The era is changing all the time. The technology development enable students to get information from many resources. The impact is, students will be more clever and critics. This is one of little example why a teacher need to always learning.

For above reason, I’m trying to be a student again by attending many classes that can improve my teaching skill. Fortunately, Akber Jakarta as provide a special class for teacher.


I came late to SMK Penerbangan or SMK 29 Jakarta as the class for AkberJKT on May 26 2012. The class has just started 10 minutes when I entered the class. The spaker was Lucy Wiryono. She is a sport news presenter in Trans 7. She talked about the ability the teacher must have, they are: Confident, well groomed, the preparation of the material, the connecting ability to the students, clam, intonation and articulation and body language. The teacher also need to avoid: too focus on the material, don’t care about class situation, speak too fast or slow, emotion and make tense situation. She give a good qoute ” The Influence of a good teacher can never be ERASED” I really agree with this statement.

The next speaker is Motulz. He talked about story telling for learning. By giving a story, the material will be easier for the students. The fact is we are easier to remember a movie than a text book. To make interesting story, we have to give introduction, conflict and conclusion. The introduction give an information about character, situation, location etc. The conflict situation is an action from each character and the conclusion is a situation from a conflict from all the conflict. He also explained that we have 2 kinds n communication: out and within. the within communication such as thinking and dry dreaming. He said that all the subject can be made by story telling. Visual and video will make students easier to understand of the subject. The technique can be made by giving them a picture then ask them to describe it.

The last speaker was Mr. Agus Sampurno. He shared about the usage of Socmed as a learning tools for students and teacher.  He is the winner of Guraru Award 2011. He can be found in . He explained that Google now become new business card. I couldn’t agree more with him. I often attend his workshop and in the end he said that ” Technology will never replace teachers” and ” Using technology successfully in the classroom is a mindset not a skill-set” 🙂


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