Report from BINED Meetup #6

Last Sunday, I attended Education Discussion “Bincang Edukasi” meetup #6 @america, Pacific Place. I came a little bit late, the first speaker was Ms. Ninda Daianti. She is representative from Education USA. She talked about Teaching method of workshop. This is small group of people meeting together over a short period of time to concentrate on a defined area of concern whereas students can discuss, share and critique body of works of their peers and they have to prepare the material before. Background of this method is student centrered instead of teacher centered. The focus of the workshop is the context.

To prepare a workshop, students must learn the theories before hand, then the teacher must create guidelines for students, create handouts for students and the last the students must write a response paper before class. The objective of this method are: motivate students to talk about their opinion and insight, to get and give input from peers, to bridge the gap between theory and practice, to teach students to think critally and build relationship among students. The function and benefit of this method are: Create readers/audience students need, give the students a sense of ownership, provide a community based environment within the classroom, learn to express constructive critism, practice analytical and critical skill, build confidence.

The workshop learning outcomes are to increase critical thinking in a creative manner, develop their analytical skills and learn how to take feedback. The next speakers were Petrus Adi, Iga Massardi. They have a free guitar class named KGG or Kelas Gitar Gratis. The purpose is to make learning guitar fun, rileks and not boring. They teach guitar every Sunday 3 pm @Taman Suropati Menteng. Then, Mrs. Lyra Puspa talked about Early entrepreneurship education. Mb Lyra is from Pillar Business accelerator. She said that entrepreneurship is not always about money, it is about independence, wealth, solution and nation. Why early education? because the younger, the more acceleration rate. It is very important to teach our children, to teach them about mindset and attitude of the entreprenuer. To be a good entrepreneur, we need dream, focus, patience and persistence. I really love her speech, she is a dedicated mother but can make money from home, just visit her site at 

The next speaker was Nisa Felicia, she is a lecturer in Sampoerna School of Education. She opened her speech by saying We (try to) live what we teach, walk what we talk. She love school, teacher and students. That’s why she choose to become a lecturer. She said that the teacher must able to use ICT, doing research. School is culture landscape where the community members share their knowledge skills, interest and benefits. It is an organic place where fresh culture may be cultivated (Butcher 2010). Every people is unique and bring their own culture to the school. Thank you all for sharing.


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