My First Driving Experience

The first things is always exciting!

After spending time to take driving course few month ago, I took a courage to drive a car from BSD to Bekasi. I went to BSD to send students to training centre of body repair and painting before they work in Auto 2000. They already got the theory material and now, they should continue to the practical class. We went there from Bekasi at 9 and on the way, there was a traffic jam because it was Sunday, so as you know Jakarta! after finising my business there, our driver give a car to me to drive before enter the toll gate. Hmmm, I took the challenge. It would be good for my  learning ground. I drove a car slowly and no attaraction 🙂 even to precede another car :p


The distance BSD to Bekasi is about 50 KM and I did it! I think easier to drive a car in toll road rather than in common road. we just need to focus to our line and be patient and don’t panic in any situation. But, in highway, we need to be more more focus because there are so many others street users, such as motorcycle driver, pedestrian, public transportation, and others. I need to make a driving lisence as soon as possible, so I won’t depend anymore to the driver, because I can drive by myself.


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