Last Thursday, I got an opportunity to attend #akberJKT class with theme Leadership in VUCA world by @srisafitri in Wisma BNI 46, Jakarta.  I came there around 6 after breaking the fast before. I meet the volunteers from #akberJKT, such as Umar. I also had a great conversation with headmaster of #akberdepok, mas danas and headmaster of #akbersurabaya, mb sinta. They are awesome. I got much insight about akber and how to maintain the class consistently.

The class begun around 7. Mb fitri asked did everybody know what is VUCA? And nobody could answer the question. She explained that VUCA means Volatile, Uncertain, Complex’s and Ambiguous. So the topic was about how to be a leader in VUCA world. The leader should make the follower clever then them. The leadership is not depending on the position in works. She said the leader should confident, impossible for you to lead if you’re not confident enough. Leadership can be form by the situation. She said the leader is different with manager. Manager is doing the right things and leader is doing the things right. So, what is actually the meaning of leadership? Leadership is organizing people to achieve goals. Here are the 7 qualities of successful leader:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Integrity
  3. Decision takers
  4. Deal with facts
  5. Vision and inspiration
  6. Optimism
  7. Excellence

A leader should be able to be an educator, facilitator and an advisor. Relating with VUCA, in this uncertain situation, a company needs a clear vision, a good understanding, clarity and ability to agile smartly. How to lead in VUCA?

  1. Volatile environment : ensure your intent is understood, communicate clearly, ask your team to translate data into information
  2. Uncertain environment: get a fresh perspective, be flexible and glace back look ahead
  3. Complex environment: train tomorrow’s heroes now, develop collaborate leaders, stop seeking permanent solutions
  4. Ambiguous: set up incremental dividends, think divergently, and listen well

And the last she explains about 10 new leadership skills in VUCA world: Make instinct,  Smart mob organizing, Immerse learning, Quite transparency, Clarity, Bio emphaty, Rapid prototyping, Constructive depolarizing, Commons creating

That’s all my report, thank you for Akademi Berbagi Jakarta and for Mrs. Sri Safitri


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