People always choose the first option, but people also often prepare for the second option once the first option doesn’t works. But how about the last option? Today I wanna share about vocational school which in many times become the last option by junior high school graduate in Indonesia.

Vocational school or well known as SMK in Indonesia has a negative image as a school for naugthy and poor people. Why I said like that? Because as I know in our society, SMK just the last option. They say, it’s better to choose SMK than you don’t go school at all. It shows the pesimistic for SMK. The centre of naugthy and trouble students isn’t in public vocational school but in private vocational school, but not all because there’s another factor such as environment, friends, familiy etc, but mostly like that.

The good news is the government now are trying to change the composition of SMK and SMA students 70%:30% instead of 30%:70%. Many people don’t know yet what is SMK. They only know that SMK just practicing simultaneously. And it is supported by the Junior school teacher who want the students continuing their study in Senior high school. Being a teacher in vocational school since 2009, makes me want to change that paradigm. I wanna show that SMK can be a great option because can help people and government to reduce the unemployment.

We have to realized that not all senior high and vocational graduates are able to continue to the higher education i.e university because of the expensive entry cost, test etc. If you are senior high school graduate doesn’t continue to the higher level, what work you are going to do? In the worldwide, if you want to apply job you must be asked: what skills do you have? And senior high school graduate will answer definitly, I don’t have! And they will rejected. In SHC we just taught for the theory lesson. But in SMK we will be taught fromal and productive in one package. SMK graduate, still able to continue to the university.  Now many SMK has international standarized or ISO. It means we invite the investor or company to recruit the SMK students.

SMK taught you to be more independent. SMK prepare students to get ready for work, so if you graduate with a good atitude you are searched by the industry and you don’t need to appply for work.

In Germany, the history of vocational school begun since 19th century ago. It is emphasis to double education system, whereas besides training at school, the students has given opportunity to take internship in the company. In 2001, 2/3 from all young generation under 22 has following internship program in the company. To support this, in 2004 the government issued the regulation which emphasis that all company’s owner, obligate to accept the internship’s student to work in the company. I think vocational school can be a good solution for our country. Vocational school need to promote to the favorite Junior high school which often recommend the students to the senior high school instead of vocational school. We can see many success figures who graduated from SMK. There are Bob Sadino who  success in food industry, Astra Motor Managaer and also Tantowi Yahya, a famous Master of Ceremony and Politician in Indonesia. So  in my opinion, SMK is a great option because in SMK we also taught the some subject in SMA, SMK create students to get ready for work and dare in the tight competition. We just need to change the teacher and parents paradigm about SMK.


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