SCBD Fun Day

Awesome! This only one word I can say about last Saturday experience. SCBD Toastmasters club as my learning ground of English and Public Speaking skills provides another side of our regular meeting, what is that? They called it SCBD Fun day, very challenging activities equivalent to delivering a prepared speech or testing your courage in table topic speech.

In the end of the month, we went to the nearest area of Jakarta, Ancol EcoPark for one purpose: feel your adrenalin level by outbound activities. Sounds great right? I took off from home at 08.30 and took a train. I forgot to use shoes, but thanked God, I found a second hand shoes seller when I arrived in Manggarai station on the way to Busway shelter! It is pink and its size is appropriate to me, so after bargaining I got that shoes by only IDR 20.000. After waiting for around 25 minutes, the busway finally came and brought me to transit shelter at Matraman. From Matraman, I continued my trip and arrived at Ancol at 11.00 and I was the latest to arrive.

I arrived when they were in the middle of preparation for the outbound activity. There we were briefed on how to use the security tools and safety procedures. There are several points of entry with various difficulty levels. Brown path seemed to be the toughest and we decided to take the black path instead of brown path. The first challenge was wall climbing. It was about 20 m high. Actually it wasn’t my first time to do this activity, but it was the highest. I was the second in sequence after Adilla, then we continued with the flying fox, but the challenge didn’t stop. We faced more challenges that I haven’t tried before. It started with 10 meters high Spider web made of ropes. We have to reach the top by crawling just like a Spiderman. It was amazing and shocking, because the webs are unstable Nevertheless, I was the first who has reached the top and advanced to a higher and longer flying fox. We still have 3 more games: walking on the one line bridge, passing the railway bridge and a flying fox again. The railway bridge was the challenging one for me. It made me nervous but still fun. The last flying fox was unlike the usual because in the end of flying fox, there was no guards or officers and I didn’t reached the exact point of finish. I tried hard to reach it and I shouted for a help, but these people just gave me applause. After trying hard to reach ropes, finally I finished the game.

After all the participants finished, we went to Bandar Jakarta for the lunch. While having a very big lunch, we also have an enjoyable chat. We talked everything from the fuel price issue, politics and of course the plan for next holiday. We were there for about 2 hours and continued to paint ball arena of EcoPark. I decided to join combat game and was assigned in Terrorist team alongside with Sukardi and Andika. I told the opposing Police team not to shoot me but I can shoot them. Hehhe .. Both of them played defensive strategy. Then, after that we went to a harbor like in Eco Park to take the Eco Cruise. Eco Cruise facilitates us to enjoy the environment around by a battery ship.

The day was nice, but time was too short. We concluded our journey by watching Funtastique on 7 PM. It is a dance and musical performance by using high technology laser effect and ends with fireworks party.


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