Have you once felt in one time your life will end soon? Have you? Well…I have and I always remember that. It was on May 27th, 2006. What happened on that day? Let me give you a clue, it was a natural disaster happened in Yogyakarta. Do you remember? Yes, at that time the tectonic earthquake happened in Yogyakarta and I was still in college.

The story started when I just woke up in the morning and just stayed in my bedroom since it was Saturday. The quite morning suddenly broke up when walls in my badroom shaken and my books dropped off from the bookshelf. The movement was getting stronger and I quickly jumped off from my bedroom and saw panic face from all my friend. Then we went of from our boarding house only to see Mount Merapi. It produced big smoke, so we though it has erupted and caused the earthquake, because at that time the merapi status was in alert notice.

Then the smaller intensity of earthquake happened and we couldn’t do anything. I scared and worried if the eruption would reached my boarding house. But, when we turned on the radio, because the electricity was off, we heard the epicentrum was from south sea, not from the volcano. the magnitude was quite big, for about 5,9 richter scale. I also heard from the radio, one dead of heart attack triggered by the earthquake. I talked to myself, the victim was unlucky. Then, you know what? The numbers of victim was rapidly increasing. From one to ten, from ten to hundreds. Oh my God, I just realized that it was a serious disaster. I didn’t believed before because I didn’t see any serious destruction and no victim around me. Most of the victim come from bantul, the nearest place from the epicentrum. The earthquake also reached many other region, such us Boyolali, Sukoharjo, Solo, and Magelang in Central Java.

There was a serious destruction that killed many people trapped in their house because the disaster came early in the morning where most people still slept and or did morning activities at their home. Many of them were children and the elderly.

We were getting more scared but didn’t know what to do. We just sat together in front of our boarding house and were afraid to enter our badroom. Suddenly, we heard the announcement from the mosque, he said misery … “ dear people, I heard from the news that there is a tsunami from south sea and has reached the land and many people killed. The tsunami  attack will also reach our area, so please save yourself by moving to the higher place” we got very scared, It reminded me of the tsunami that happened in Aceh, happened also here.

My friend then said ..”hurry up..hurry up..just bring our school certificates and let’s go up to the roof before tsunami comes” but, later on the roof, I said to my friend: “ I think it’s not a good idea to stay on the roof because another earthquake still possible to happen, and it is dangerous for us”, so let’s go down the stair.

Then, with the bag full of school certificates, we just stood up didn’t know where to go, besides since most of us didn’t have a motorcycle. We though when we moved to the higher place, Kaliurang, we get closer to the Mount Merapi. We scary if might erupt because of the earthquake.

So, I just gave up and anytime my life might end. Whatever will happen, just let it happen. I just thought, whatever will be, will be ..I tried to contact my parents and said everything was OK. I didn’t want make them worried about me. We just sat together and scared to do anything.

My friend who went to Kaliurang was already back and she said it was very crowded because many accidents happened along the street. People from north area moved to south are to avoid Mount Merapi and people from south area moved to north area to avoid tsunami. Everybody wanted to save their lives.  And in the end, we know that tsunami issue was only rumour, the earthquake didn’t triggered the tsunami like in Aceh.

In the end we know that the disaster killed around 5.700 people, injured tens of thousands of people and destroyed hundreds of thousands building, and It was one of the biggest disasters ever happened in Jogja. For one week, we had been slepping in front of our boarding house because still worried about earthquake and there’s no electricity. The food was rare, so we ate noodle almost everyday. The day after, we saw there were many destructions, includeing in my campus, but it was minor destruction compared to the nearest place from the epicentrum.

In the end, I thanked God that I’m still alive and still have opportunity to give more in this life. The point that I want to share is that we never know what will happen in our life, even in the next second. Just do our best for our lives and for people around us.


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