Learning English through The Premier Skills

March 25th 2012 is one of my best day in 2012. What happened on that that day? I went to JCC, Jakarta Convention Centre to attend The Premier Skills training which held by British Council Indonesia. I went from Maharaja hotel, since I slept there the night before. I took public transportation and Busway to get there.I thought will be late before, but thanks God the training haven’t begun yet. After registration, I joined with all participants, two of them are my friend, Dafa and Mrs Nunung. Dafa was my friend when I taught in Vocational School IPTEK Jakarta and Mrs. Nunung is my friend in IGI Bekasi.

The first session, we have a game. We have to fill the worksheet related with football. Who have to find friend who can answer our question, once they can answer, we put their name on the proper sheet. It was very interesting. The question such as do you like football? Can you mention famous football player in Premier League can you mention 3 names club names in Premier League? And so on. I could fill 7 out 10

Then, we move to the next session, tea break J we served very well and maybe I can say the service was excellent. After having a tea break, we continued to the next session. We shared about the application of premier skills into teaching English. We had been given a very manual book. It is very worthed for us as a teacher. We had games and singing also for warming up. It was very nice game. I think I can do that with my students. We ended the session smoothly.

The time was running fast, the lunch time already come. We ate and shared each other, especially about learning English habit in our country. We had the same problem that the students don’t brave enough to speak English a lot. Then, after lunch, we had learn English through game. We were given picture kinds of sport, we have to complete the sport information such as how many player? Where is to play and equipment needed? Then, our friend should guess the kind of sport based on the information. Hmm, interesting

Next, we were given some question related to Premier League and we have to find the answer based on information from many posters that put in the wall. It was quite difficult, but still funJ then we divided into some groups consist of 5 members. We have to deliver mini project of Premier Skills that we can applicate in our class. We discussed about what we wanted tp present we decided to make a game. We ask students to act like their favorite football player. Then they ask them to introduce theirselves as a football player. They mention the first letter of the name, then introduce their nationality, club and position. The other students have to guess who is he he based on the information given. Then, after tea break session 2, each group have to present their work. I was a representative of our group. The teaching demo ran smoothly and I really enjoyed the moment since the topic is football, but unfortunatelly only man students know about football.

Finally, we closed our meeting by taking a picture together. We were very happy because get a lot of gifts, friends, knowledge and full of foods. LOL. After the training, we still have time to take care our picture by professional fotographer with the nice background and accesories. Here is my pic, enjoy!



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