My visit to Insan Kamil School

Last Tuesday, I went to Insan Kamil School in Bantar Gebang. Insan Kamil foundation lead by Mrs Betty and her Husband. It is one of success school, especially for Elemetary school. I went there for study comparation of Kindergarten. Mrs Betty and the staff gave te warm greeting, I really happy being there. I took a picture of the school situation, played with the students and gained some information from the teacher. 

I really impresed with the school. It is a private school which reallly can survive in the tight competition, even the elementary school has students for around 300. For next academic year, they only left 6 more seat. I asked what make the school become popular among the state school which no need to pay. They said the most factor is that Insan Kamil is a full day school and emphasis the Islamic subject. In the beginning they only have 8 students and now they already become favorite school among others. The parents now more aware with the quality of school, so they want to pay more to get the best education for their children.

I had a touching experience there. In the kindergarten, there was a kids name abel. She is very cute and beautiful. B When they were eating together, she asked me to feed her. I feed her and she sat on my laps. I was really sad and have nothing to say.


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