The Corruption Habit

Every humans tend to be greedy, no matter they are rich or poor, and even valid for myself. We can see in many cases such as someone who we already think that she/he already has everything but did some bribery or fraud action and even lost state money in big amount. It makes me concern enough when some of Member House of Representative suspect as corruption action. The newest is about some of Democratic members investigated by Corruption Eradication Commission recently.



Don’t they realized about the fate of their constituent who already believed to vote them. The corruption habit we also can see in lower level. Many corruption cases found in Province, Region, District and even the lowest level from that. Is it Indonesia habit? how we can change it? don’t ever blame that tend to be greedy as a basic human instinct, because we have God and we have a control to ourselves. Don’t we realized, if we do that, we will lose our credibility and reputation. People will remind us as a greedy people and causes losses. When the state money corrupted, many people will suffer because the many should be for primary need subsidize. As we know, because of the lose state money, the vital subsidize has been decreased such as for Electricity, Fuel, health,infrastructure, education etc.

We have to cut this trickle down effect of the corruption. How to do that? Remember what AA Gym said? Start From Now, Start from little things and start from us 🙂


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