The Influence of music toward child’s development

Making a proposal for Kindergarten make me realized that music has influence to development of children. The recent studies shows that music using two side of brain, the fact that music is useful in all development area. Music is giving influence to the child’s development academically, emotionally, physically and spiritual.

A baby is listening to music

Recent studies from California University found that music train the form of brain thinking higher. The 2nd grade that has been given music lesson got score 27% higher in Mathematics than someone who didn’t get it. Music can also describe as an exercise. Singing and keep the rhythm can develop coordination.  Music is emotional. Music is a form of art. Music can be a vehicle of their expression.

Playing music believed since a long time ago giving a positive contribution to the development of the children. playing music can increase the children’s creativity. The education experts said  the involvement toward music can give big influence to their academic achievement. In children aged the 4-6, the development is growing fast. This is include the increase of height , cognitive area, and also psycho motor. That ability can only improved by doing the exercise toward their ability. This requires the stimulus very much to be optimal.

Here are some reason why the children need to learn a music:

  • Self confidence: by learning notation and melodies, the children will have a self confidence and the willingness to produce the meaningful music.
  • Coordination: hands, eyes, body posture and mind which coordinated is the main in playing instrument. the coordination for this skills influence many aspect in life.
  • Cooperation: every child want to be a part of the group. The discussion of the theory provide the unique opportunity to grow.
  • Art appreciation: the beauty of the word, peaceful and happiness come into the life through music experience. this feeling help them to appreciate all kind of music.
  • Logical thinking: when the children learn to analyze the music from all perspective while doing improvisation in certain music style, then the inductive and deductive logical will grow fast.
  • Communication: Music offer the ability to grow feeling and mind by non verbally and to respond another non verbal mind.
  • Conceptualization: The children learn to classify many things by learning to identify many kind of music style and and also to recognize the culture to self expression.
  • Making a judgement: learn to understand, considering and evaluating music can help the children to make a decision and the judgement who esteem value in another aspect of life.
  • The solution: learning to read, write and interpreting the music notation can strengthen the using of another symbol system such as Mathematics and Language.
  • Discipline: Learning all kind of music and implement it correctly needs a perception and discipline.

In 1993, the students who was listening 10 minutes of Mozart song, the point is 8 or 9higher in spatial temporal test then one who didn’t get it. Spatial temporal reasoning is a key for higher brain function who needed in Mathematics, Physic and engineering.


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