Never Stop Learning

As an ordinary people, I really realize that I have many weakness. Hmm, what I going to say ya? I wanna share that our duty in this world is to keep learning no matter what! learning don’t be limited by time and space. Make every place you find as a classroom and people you meet as a teacher. I love learning, even though sometimes I’m lazy .. LOL. I rally interested in English, public speaking, teaching news and education. I also love meeting many people and do some discussion in workshop, seminar and other activities.

In the last workshop I attended, Training of Trainer I got many information and skills especially in soc med and blogging. following our last workshop in Purwakarta, Jabar. Indonesian Teacher Association Bekasi Branch will held the same workshop in some school around Bekasi. The purpose is to socialize the usage of Internet and social media as a tool of learning. Yesterday, I had discussed with some friends who also attended the ToT. We need to have the same perception about what we are going to deliver when we asked to be a speakers.

I’m going to present about soc med. This is will be interesting experience and I have to prepare all the things especially the material so It will be useful for the audience.


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