Precious Moment with 3R2

Yesterday, I and my students went to Monumen Nasional, Central Jakarta. We went there by train from Cakung station. After buying a ticket, then we entered the train. we got seat, so we didn’t need to stand up. the train now is quite comfortable, why? because it has own carriages for woman only. there’s also no seller and very neat. do you want a proof? see my pic below

I arranged this because I ever promised to them to take a vacation together, and they already in Third Grade now, so I don’t want to lose the moment. we planned this about 2 years ago.

Then, we arrived at Gambir Central station. as you know, that KRL Bekasi – Jakarta Kota now pass Gambir and no longer pass Pasar Senen Station. From Gambir we just need to walk to Monas. we have a little funny and awful experience, when we would like to enter the gate of Monas, a shortcut way, we had to pay it, each IDR 1,000. It not a matter of money, it’s not fair and she did illegal action. then finally we found the shortway and didn’t pay for it. she saw us angrily, but we didn’t care at all. hahha.. she threaten us if we pass that way again.. so funny. because some of then haven’t breakfast, so we had breakfast first. after that, we started the photo session 🙂

Then, we moved to Monument area and thanks God the weather was nice so it was cloudy. Then, we continued our photo session

Then, after took picture outside the monument, we entered the museum hall for having lunch. It was nice having lunch together even the menu wasn’t special but I think this is the menu .. Hee

the, I gave some door prize for lucky students. I provided for about 9 door prize, but only 7 students who got it. the two diary book, I gave to them through quiz. I asked them some question, but only 2 students could answered the question. we also prayed Dzuhur there and then we moved to take a picture in the stair…

at 14.00 we went home 🙂


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