Visiting RPI and Ariobimo office

Today’s activity was quite hectic but still enjoyable. I haven’t got enough slept last night due to complicated problem in PT. Megayasa Engineering finance, but thanks God it’s already done finally. Now, I can see the latest composition of finance in this company.

After printed the document and gave it to the Bos, I went to Ariobimo Sentral in Rasuna Said, Kuningan. I went there with My Bos and the driver. We saw our office room and training room for our new business as provider company to get accredited in financial and management field, for example Market analyst, Economist, Risk Analyst, Wealth Manager, Financial Analyst and many more. for more information, just visit aafm, you can get more information there. I saw that the room is big and comfortable to held a meeting or training. The homework now is how to set up this, we have to do marketing, prepare the definitive document and we have to hire someone who will teach in the training. I myself really want to get the certificate also, I want to get the certificate as economist, but I’m not sure can pass the test. But, I have to sacrifice for that, my friend ever said that there’s no victory without sacrifice. after that, we continue to Rumah Pendidikan Islam Int’l high school. This is my first coming, I amazed by the school. The school has good facility, good classroom with LCD facility, library, multimedia room, Laboratory etc and I took some picture there.


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