Experience handling a convocation event

I was a week ago, yes ..last Saturday, January 7 2012, maybe will be one of my unforgettable experience. I handled a convocation event for Technology and Automotive College (ITACO). at the first time, I wasn’t sure  can handle it almost alone, but I took a courage.

All graduates

then, I started to prepare all the things. First, I made a budget estimation, then socialize to the students about the fee. After that, I arranged the event rundown, then prepared the invitation, contacted all the guest. and also prepared for Toga clothes, the certificate, the banner. Finally, one day before the date, I contacted and met some of my students to help me in the event. thanks God, they welcomed to help me. even, I got the man to read Qur’an just one day before. the night before, some of students come to prepare the backdrop and did rehearsal. Then, we went home, but I still did some preparation, finishing the MC draft, wrapped the gift for the best graduate. then, I slept almost midnight. at the day, I really afraid.. why? because it was hard raining since Subuh time. I was worried because I was thinking about the running of the event and haven’t prepared yet for the final layout and sound system. I also found the difficulties to reach the venue, but finally I went with my brother by motorcycle. my brother was a photographer of the event.

Register first 🙂

at the venue, fortunately there wasn’t many gust has come and the engineer already there to help me in sound system matters. then, one bye one the guest came and also my students who would help me. I divided the task to them and make sure that everything would be alright. I was the Master of Ceremony an Icha finally agreed to help me. the problem came again, one of students hasn’t came yet due to the distance and hard rain, finally at 10 am, we started the ceremony. the ceremony was running well, but I think if was quite fast than from my estimation, it was run for 45 minutes and I arranged it for 2,5 hours 😀

it was a problem, I was panic because the food hasn’t prepared yet, because in the arrangement we would eat at lunch it means that we would eat at 12 and the ceremony already finished at 11. I text the  message to the Room manager to advancing the time, and thanks God the manager was really understand and helped me much. so…. thanks God, thanks to my students and all parties who help me much and thank to the rain also, because when we started at 9 as planned, I really couldn’t imagine what would happened, the ceremony was over and the food wasn’t ready yet 🙂

here are some my documentation 🙂

Senat enter the venue

Singing National Anthem

Board of director, Mr. HerI Andrian

Best Graduate, Herbert Rajagukguk



Take a picture together


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