Let’s happy to maximize your potential

Happy Face

Everybody wants to be happy in their life; they spend more money to get happiness. They travel around to find happiness; they forget one thing that happiness comes from within. Happiness is you, and you need this to maximize your potential. Gain happiness is not something difficult if you know the key, there are free yourself from fear, give more and expect less. The main threat to get happiness come form ourselves. We create our limit to gain happiness. I ever read Joel Osteen challenges to out from our narrow mindset and start to think with new paradigm. He gives us 7 tips. Check this out …

  1. The first thing to do is broaden your horizon. You have to see this life by your belief, see yourself is moving to the higher level. You need to have a clear mental figure about what you want to achieve. This figure has to be part of your self, in your mind, in your conversation, and in every action you take in all aspect of your life.

    Moving higher

    1. The second step is develop a healthy self figure. It means you have to figure out your self upon the God says about you. Your success gain your goal is depends from how you see yourself and what you feel about yourself. This will determine your self confidence level. The fact prove that if you won’t never moving higher from what you are expecting about yourself.
    2. The third step is finding your strength behind your mind and your words. The main target your enemy is your mind. It knows if it succeeds control and manipulate all of your life. Mind determines attitude, behavior and self figure. Mind determines the goal.
    3. The fourth step is let the past go. Maybe you lost everything and no one deserves it in this life. If you want a winning, don’t use past traumatic as a reason to make a worse choice now days.  You have to brave enough not to use past time as a reason for the bad attitude now.
    4. The fifth step is finding your strength even in the worst situation. We have to says : “ I can be fall down over and over again in this life, but I won’t there forever.” All of us face the challenge in this life. Don’t let something from the outside kick us, but the key of winning is always learning to move on.
    5. The sixth step is giving happily. One of our biggest challenge is the temptation to live with self interested and don’t care about the others. We know that God wants the best for us, God wants us to live prosperously and many more God gives to us, but sometimes we forget and trapped in selfish attitude. But, you know that we will get more and live happily than we never imagine if we wants to share it with others.
    6. The last step is choosing to be happy today. You don’t have to wait to finish your entire problem. God wants you to be happy whatever your condition, right now!!! happy weekend everyone 🙂

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