Teacher, a Key Success of Primary Education

The success of primary education is not only makes students come to the class at school physically. The hardest things is to make sure that the students get a high quality education to make them able to reach the purpose of study, finishing school, and having ability to face the future.

 “ To reach  high quality of primary education in one country, the teacher plays an important role. We need a well trained teacher and has high motivation.” Said Hubert Gijzen, United Nation Education, Science, and culture Director (UNESCO) Representative office, Jakarta in the opening E-9 International Teacher Training Program (9th biggest population country in the world) in Jakarta, Monday (20/9/2010).

The training was attended around 320 teachers from E-9 members, they are Indonesia, Mesir, Bangladesh, and Meksiko while China, India, Pakistan, Brazil and Nigeria didn’t send the representative.

Gijzen added that Indonesian Government Policy that has been reformed the teacher was a right step. The focus to improve the quality and teacher professionalism to support education for all, involved in remote areas and marginal group.

Education minister, Muhammad Nuh add that the teachers from E-9 countries members have same education problem and challenge can share each other to improve knowledge, skills dan self-motivation.

original source for Indonesian version: disini


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