7 ineffective humans’ habits

Here are 7 habits we have to avoid for a better life. Let’s check out one by one 🙂

  1. Not exists: There is a quote: 80% of success is existing yourself! One of the biggest and simplest you can do to make sure success in life – whether in social life, career, or your health is only need to be existing yourself, just show up!! If you want to improve your health, one of important and effective way you can do is just to show up in fitness centre regularly. Maybe the weather is unfriendly and reduces your spirit to go to fitness centre. But, if you stay to go even if when is raining, then your motivation will be higher compare if you only lying on your bad at home. It will affect the whole aspect in your life. If you write or paint more, then your ability will grow fast. If you much out your home, then you will find more new friends. Only by exists, will make more difference. No exist, no your Fotosteps.
  2. Delay for a long day: Here are some steps to avoid delay habits:
    • Do the hardest things first in the morning. Morning activity will raise your spirit and create positive momentum for a long day. Usually, that things will create a productive days.
    • How to eat an elephant? Don’t ever expect to eat in one bite. This makes you delay your job. Put your job into smaller task. Then, focus only to the  first priority and not others. Do it until finish. Then, go to the next job.
  1. Doing unimportant things : One make you trap beside delay your job, is busy for unimportant things. To make your job effective, you can use 80/20 rule, which is you have to gain 80% result by doing 20% your task only. So, you have to focus your energy for important works only. Write and make a list 3 important job for today. Do it one by one.
  2. Think too much: This makes you doubt in making decision. No wrong if you think before doing something. Doing research, making a plan. But, thinking is another way to waste your time. You don’t need to check everything from every side. You don’t need to wait for a right time to do something. Right time is never come. So, close your mind and doing anything that you need to do. Just do it!!
  3. See anything only from negative side: When you see everything from negative perspective, then it will make a hole on your motivation. You find mistakes everywhere and problems which is unreal. You focus to the details. From negative side, you can find 10 reasons every time. The solution is you need to realize the limit of your negative perspective. For example, always trying to shape a habit of seeing things from positive side. Do the challenge and try to think positive in 7 days. And see what you will get.
  4. Stack on your mind: It will be a hard thing that what you thinking off and believe not the best way. So, if you stuck on your mind only, it will close your mind. The solution is open your mind. Learn from others and your mistakes. Learn from a book. Focus to the action only, do what you already learned.
  5. Full off your head by too much information: This not means too much read, but too much input. For example: from media, which much negative information. If you’re not selective, it will give you bad effect. Don’t let too much information enter your mind and affect it so you will be trapped to the number #3. Close the door of negative information that can disturb you. Focus to the important things.

I’m forget about the original source, but the writer’s name is winjava On Nopember 26th 2011


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