Give a lot of praise and the child will be incredible

Parent’s bahaviour in giving complement in the early age has a direct correlation with their attitude, personality  in the future. If wrong in raising, the children will have negative attitude and personality. So, how to raise a child in proper way to become an incredible?

There’s no special school to become a parents. But, the parents should learn to implement positive care pattern to their child to shape positive character in the future.

Hanny Muchtar Darta from EI Parenting Consultant in talkshow “The important of sufficient Vitamin & Mineral to make incredible child” which was held by Scott’s Multivitamin in Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta Selatan, explained some tips or trick to become a reference:

  1. Do a communicative way: Parents need to have a perception that every child is unique and has difference compare to other children. So, parents need to have ability to build a child’s talent in a positive way. If a mother want her child to study don’t say “don’t lazy.” It’s prefer to say “let’s have enthusiasm in study”
  2. Avoid to compare with her/his younger, elder or others: Don’t compare with others, but compare with her/his progress. Don’t say “Your borther/sister is clever or more dilligent in study, so you need to be like that”. it better “your English and Math score is less, next must be better”
  3. Motivate them to join in competition: A 5-8 years old children is more likely joining in competition because from the cognitive side they want to show their habit and ability. But, in 12, their wants to join in competition tend to reduce. So, if you want to shape incredible child, ask them to compete since early age.
  4. Avoid to cut the conversation: Parents often have no patient in listening and to blame their children. A things to do is listen first with fully attention. A children also want to be respected their opinion. If you do so, you can train your child to barve in expressing opinion or ideas.
  5. Focus on purposes : Its better to say “if you are able to ask, it’s a sign of smart child” rather than “don’t shy to ask if you don’t want to lost your way. so you need speak more positive to make them more inspired.
  6. Give more compliment, in the right place and time : It’s wasting time if you only complain their bad behaviour. Contrary, you will have less time to give them compliment for their positive attitude. Sometimes, you need to say, “ Mom happy see you tidy up your toys and put them in proper place”
  7. Give them hug and kiss : Make a habit to hug your child at least 12 times a day. The purpose they can feel the sense of close relationship, warmth to build the emotional bond besides the kids felt accepted and supportes by their parents.
  8. Build a simple rules: Train disciplinary can be done by building a routine activity, such as hours of sleep, eating on the right place, etc. This is going to train child live in discipline. Nevertheless, as a parents have to give an instance of do discipline. Do not hold violated.
  9. Avoid to talk with a child when is undergoing negative emotions: learn to understand things that could be trigger the kids of annoyed. Generally, an comfortable feeling of this experienced by the children when they are being exhausted, when you demand more, when they are hungry, and when they are sick. Minimization of the conditions that makes uncomfortable to reduce aggravation in a child.

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