Strengthen Secondary Education

A review from Ester Lince Napitupulu article, source: Kompas 

Nur Riza Ramandani (15), a girl from “Kerupuk” seller in Kranggan, Temanggung District, Central Java, could hardly continue to Senior High School in her area. Senior high school fee considered out of reach for the family.

Fortunatelly, Nur categorized as smart student. She finally could continue her study in Senior High School International standard which completely by boarding house freely in Sampoerna Academy Bogor which made by Putera Sampoerna Foundation. Despite she don’t know yet whether could pursue her undergraduate degree or not, Nur feels relieved she can get senior high school sertificate.

Contrary with Alif (17), a public transportation driver’s child in Bekasi, he forced to bite his fingers due to dropouts from one of Vocational High School, Automotive major. Alif actually has a high learning spirit to finish his study, but her parents unable to pay the school fee. So, he has to stop in Second grade.

Alif feel difficulty finding a job only rely on Junior High School sertificate. Actually Alif able to join in National Equality Test “Paket C” (equivalent to Senior High School), but again he face the cost constraint. In fact, Senior High School sertificate is the main requirement to be a janitor or factory worker.

The government discourse on 12 years schooling program, start from elementary up to secondary level starting in 2012. This policy is of course very helping poor students.

Education and Culture Minister Muhammad Nuh said the government’s commitment to comply its 12 years schooling program at the latest 2014 by providing Operational Grant School (BOS) at the level of secondary, as well as BOS in the level of primary education.

The existence of Operational Grant School for Primary and Seconday level is expected to manifest 12 years schooling program free of charge. Thus, no more teenagers that are not gone to secondary education. However, the government allocates of BOS fund for secondary education around 1 million/student/years

However, the Government calculationo of the fund of BOS allocation for secondary education around IDR 1 Million per student per year leaving the polemic about Government’s ability to free of charge the school fee.

The calcualtion is, monthy fee school per student di Senior High School level around minimal IDR 100.000 for ordinary school and will be higher in big cities. The cost not yet including money entrance for new student minimal IDR 1 million/student. An expensive fee for students from poor families like Nur and Alif.

Gone to education is still a problem in Indonesia. The higher level of education, the higher figure of them dropped out and not proceeding. The major cause is economic factors.

In an elementary level, number of dropped out reach 1,5% from about 31 million students, in Junior High School 1,8% from 12,69 million students, and in Senior High School increased to 4,27% from 9,11 million students.

Number of elementary school graduate who discointinues education to junior high school ranges of 9%, from junior high school to senior high school 24%, while of senior high school into college about 51%.

The society constraint to access higher education absolutely give impact on welfare of live in the future. Borrowing terms from Paramadina University President, Anies Baswedan, education supposed to be social escalator that can change the social condition the poor families of being climbed upward.

However, the condition of being perceived by the society up to now, school is still expensive and exclusive. A heavy load especially felt when gone to secondary education up to college. the school fee in elementary and junior high school is more lighty, even for the poor kids. On this level, the gap between poor and rich students thinner.

Whereas, the development of the world today demanding the higher education level, minimal in secondary level. In Indonesia, there are about 2,2 million teenagers have to stop in senior high school level due to dropped out or unable to continue into college. a UNESCO study in the report titled “Global Education Digest 2011: comparing education statistics across the world”, education in many developing country started to shift to secondary education after elementary education in progress, Indonesia is in the stage to improve access education widespread in the secondary education.

Secondary education is a crucial stage in education system for economic and social development in one country. Knowledge, attitude, and young’s skill that gain through secondary education is very important for the future as a productive and healthy citizen. Nowdays, many countries want satisfying worker equipped with competence and skills that unable to gain through primary education.

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