I and The Jakartapost

Have you ever felt the close relationship with certain media? Yes, I did! The Jakarta Post for me is more than newspaper…because, the Jakarta Post has been accompanying me for more than 5 years.


source: http://img.forumkami.net/i7/746The_Jakarta_Post.jpg

I remember , I interested in English when I was in college, it was in 5th semester. I wanted to improve my English, then.. I started to buy the newspaper. I bought it in shopping centre Yogyakarta, one of the place which offer the cheapest price. So, for me, who had limited pocked money, decided to buy the ex-Jakarta Post newspaper because the new one was quite expensive compare to Indonesia literate newspaper, because all the text is in English. at the first time, I bought for about 5 exemplars. I was happy and the next step was try to understand about the teks. I was happy and excited brought that newspaper to my boarding house. and you know what happened next? I was hard to understand even for short and simple teks! I got frustrated because I didn’t understand many of the words meaning. It took for about one week only to translate one article. Then, I stopped to learn because I had to concentrate on my thesis. After graduated and worked for insurance company, I tried to study English again. I opened thejakartapost.com site every rest hours. then, my English was quite improved because I got many new vocabulary and you know I also got free The Jakarta Post newspaper from the secretary of Presdir , Mrs Fenny. She was nice to me, because gave me the free newspaper so I could continue to study at my boarding house.

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