BM#5 Your Body Speaks: Why I Love Football

Fellow Toastmasters and Distinguist guest …

I have a simple question, do you know what is the most popular sport in the world? I’m sure that if you have seen last sport event competition among southeast Asian country, SEA Games or maybe LA Galaxy coming with their stars, you can answer the question. Yes, absolutely right! The answer is football.

Football competition I love the most is Champion Leage. Champion Leage participants come from the big four from every major division such as Premier league, Serie A, or La Liga. I really love the passion of a great rivarly game. It’s great when your my favorite team, Barcelona wins a big rivarly, and it’s fun.


Here are some reasons why I love football:

  1. Football is entertaining and hardly ever dull. It’s a game that can be complex or simple, exciting or boring and satisfying or disappointing. I remember the first time love football. I was in first grade of Junior High School, when world cup 1998 occured. I was really amazed by so many handsome man were hitting each other to obtain a ball. But, I wasn’t only amazed by Zidane or Beckham, but it gave me satisfaction when my favorite team won a game.
  2. Football is unpredictable. For me it is always exciting to watch my favorite team make a comeback, a goal and win the game in the end. There is a great tense of the game and fact that anything can happen in 2×45 minutes. Football already exist for several decades, but football lover still often make some wrong score or winner predictions since football is unpredictable. The best team not always make a winning in every match, they sometimes beaten by underdog team.
  3. Football bring people together for a good time. Friends and rivals can all enjoy watching together for having fun. We are scream and laugh together while enjoying some snacks. so in my opinion football is a great social event.

Football give me satisfaction when I’m going to sit down, preparing some drink and snack and watch my fav team, Barcelona, hopefully win. It is enjoyable knowing that my favorite team at the top position and be the winner at the end of the season.

Football is a fantastic sport shared by millions people in Indonesia and other countries all across the world. They not only crazy about certain team, they also love World cup, AFF cup or Euro cup, because we can see the best football players who play in major division have to beat their buddies in the club because they bring the pride of their countries.

I remember a legendary football ever said that football is not just about life, it’s all about life.  How we set a target that we want to achieve, the step dan strategy we have to take and the effort to achieve that target. How we deal with the failure and face the challenge and difficulity, all that are the basic things that we can learn from football. Discipline, confidence, sportivity, respect other people, obey the rules, never give up and many other things that can be formed through football. I really agree with the slogan “Mensana in Corporesano”, in the healthy body, there is a healthy soul. So, I believe that football is not only a game, but football is lesson of life, lesson for the truly life.

In the conclusion, I love watching football because it is entertaining, unpredictable and great social event.

All in all, Football will always be a loved sport, from kids to elderly, high school or professional, football is a sport that will always has my attention.


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