Review “Mimpi Sejuta Dollar” Book

I have just read One Million Dollar’s (MSD) book whose written by inspirational woman, Merry Riana. She has inspired me since her first book lauched, the tittle is A Gift From A Friend.  The second book from her is also awesome. In her first book, she emphasize on the key of success, what is her success principal, but in her second book she emphasize on her success story. How she built her dream, how she made her first one million dollar at 26. She told story about her life when she took a college in Singapore and should paid debt to Singapore Goverment after she graduated.  When she was in college, she has to strive life for 2 dollar in a week. So she took a part time job as a florist, waitress, and other job. Merry is a though woman.


When she graduated from NTU, she decided not to be an employee just like the others. She want to gain a financial freedom before 30 and it quite possible if she work as an employee. Merry took a job a sales insurance. As a sales insurance, she got commision, and when she has enough money, she bulit her own company. She worked 14 hours a day, 7 days in a week, 20 times presentation. She did presentation to offer the insurance in public place where she could meet many people. It was not easy, she faced many problem, but she didn’t give up.

I heard that this book become best seller in Indonesia within 1 month after launched. MSD also will be made in a  movie. Merry Riana now lives in Singapore and has own company names Merry Riana Organization which offer financial services.


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