ON OFF Event 2011

It was 3 Dec 2011. I went to ON OFF Event in Rasuna Epicentrum. I decided to come because I want to expand my horizon in social media world especially in blogging. Beside that, I want to meet Mr. Anies Baswedan. He is the inisiator “Indonesia Mengajar”. I admire him regarding his role in education. You know? I had the opportunity to meet and talking to him directly. He is very humble and even gave me a name card.

Then in break out session, I attended Zoya Amiral class. She is very nice and beautiful. She gave explanation about love and dating. She said that someone who can take and give love. She said that envy is not a sign of love, bacause the derivative from love is positife. Feeling is never wrong, but it just the matter how we communicate it. Body is just like a computer screen, it knows what make connect or not. Falling in love, 50% is a God’s matter, and 50% is depend to ourselves. We have to make never ending adjustment. Basically, we tend to commit to someone who have same interest, idea, opinion with us. In a relationship, apreciation is very important and we have to be his/her no#1 fans.

Then, I joined in womanpreneur session. All the speakers were housewives who have a business.  They said to start a business both online and offline, a woman should have a courage and they have to smart enough to allocate time, and family is still number one priority.

Then, I visited Nokia Center stand and filled in Nokia App store and I got a nice glass, but unfortunatelly I didn’t get a mobile phone as a doorprize. Acer also gave an award for a teacher who actively using social media such as blog as medium of learning. They are Mr. Wijaya Kusumah, IT teacher from Lab School Junior High School and Mr. Agus Sampurno, the teacher from Global Jaya Elementary School. They got Acer tablet I think, and many more.


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