My Little Research about English Perception

On December 7, I did a research. The Subject was my students in 9 grade Junior High School. The research is about student’s perception about English. Here are the result:

  • Almost students (99%) said that they like English and only one said no. Most of them gave the reason that English is an International Language and English is interesting. The others reasons such as: can flew up the soul in English, love English but depent on the teacher, can help them to reach the goal, English is Fun, to be a great people in the future and English is easy to understand.
  • The next is about which part they like about English. 50% percent students said that they love speaking and reading. They love reading English material such as newspapers, comic, novel. By reading they can get much information and knowledge, can know many words so it’s help them to improve their vocabularies. For speaking thay gave reasons that they love singing and love to speak in front of many people. And some students like writing and listening because they want to make their own comic or novel so they can be a famous writer, writing can express theirselves also.
  • Third question is which part they don’t like in English. Half of them answered that they don’t like listening for some reasons such as: can listen clearly so they afraid don’t get what others talking about, listening is boring but listening to music is only exception. Four students said that they don’t like speaking because don’t brave enough and feel embarass to speak, six students said they don’t like writing because they often forget about the usage of grammar so they have to be careful on each sentences. Six students also don’t like reading because reading is boring and hard to understand the words.
  • The next question is about their perception about their English ability. Most students (19) said they feel have good ability in English. They said the indicator are: can tell a story with expressive face, body language, can translate some words, can speak English with the foreigner, can understand when someone talk in English, can read English material, can understand when watches some english movie, can write english sentences in correct grammar and know many vocabularies. 11 students said they have no good English ability because they lazy to open the dictionary, hard to remember the vocabulary, often take a remedial test, not good in tenses and don’t know a lot of words and can’t speak English well.
  • Next I asked about their perception that English is difficult. 17 setudents said that English not difficult because English is fun, we can mastery English if we study hard so all we need is effort, English is easy because no many lesson in JHC and learning English is only need a dictionary. 9 Students said that English is difficult because their attentive is too bad, can’t memorize the vocabulary, not mother tounge language, some word difficult to read, many words has different meaning, sometimes get remedial and speak with wrong structure
  • When I asked about the advantage has a good English ability, 13 students said that they can get a good job easily, 7 students said it will help them make a lot of friend around the world, 6 students said they can speak to anyone in this world, 5 students said they can study abroad, the others reasons are: can be a translator, can help tourist so they can get much money, can travel around the world, can work abroad, be an important person and can get a scholarship.
  • The last question is about what is the best way to study English, 3 students said by listening to English music, 3 students said by practising conversation by someone who expert in English, 3 students said by watching an English movie. The others reason are: speak with your friend/sister/brother, read many articles, short story, study with good and fun english teacher, start conversation with someone with confidence, not afraid to make mistakes, speak english everday, memorize the vocabulary from the dictionary, often do english exercise, ask the teacher, reading a book and take an English course

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