What makes Indonesian students difficult to study english?

As we know well, to compete in globalization area, we must fluent in English and computer network.

But, sadly many indonesian student, has no good ability in english. Many factor that caused they have no good ability in english. One of them is facility and teaching system at school. Many students say that that english is difficult, but as we know many company required english as a must. They want to recruit employees that have good ability in english. Not only for international company but also for national company.

Malaysia using english as their national language, so in my oppinion, it is time for indonesia to make english as national language, and indonesia as second languange. It doesn’t means that we lost our nationalty, but its for drive indonesian people to be able to speak english since they were young. We will make system, whereas english should be mastery form kindergarten level until higest level. We should make a target for our student. The important things also that the english teacher should be provided by training how to make english easily. To make them expert in english, they should enjoy in learning process first. They should give motivation to study english not only in class but mostly outside the class, because they have limited time if only study english in class. They should love english first. Im sure if they able to speak english well, they can get a better job, or even they can apply in company outside indonesia, and in the long run will give impact to reduce our population. They will be white collar workers, not only blue collar workers.as we know, indonesia still have problem with our labour overseas. As i see so far, many indonesian students have no eager to learn english. As my experience, when i was in junior high school, i interested in english because my english teacher had a good ability in explaining the material. Then, continuing to senior high school, in first and second grade, i have no good teacher. The learning process was unclear and not made me interest to the subject. Then, when i entered to the university, i realize that english is important, so i bought some newspaper. I bought the jakartapost newspaper. I translated the newspaper but, i took many times to translate it. In my oppinion, there some factors that caused many indonesian students has difficulity in learning english:

  • They never think that english important for them. Eventhough they think english is important, but they don’t put much effort to study it. They have no high motivation to study it. They don’t realize the importance of english for their future. That’s why english teacher should give them motivation continually while teaching. Maybe the english teacher can put sign or word of motivation the importance of english in class so they will aware the importance of english.
  • The material. Many students lack of material, i.e books. They only have a note from their teacher. But, it is not enough. To make them fluent in english, they should be surrounded by all the material of english.
  • Many indonesian people shy to start to speak english. As we know, indonesian people has good ability in speaking english. But they not brave enough to speak in front of many people. They just be a passive speaker. Many indonesian people have no courage to speak, to give their oppinion, to say what they think and what they feel. Indonesia become passive country.

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