Notes from Blog Training for Teachers

Last Sunday, October 30, I attended Blog Training for teacher with the theme: Being a creative teacher by using blog as a medium of learning in Islamic Centre Bekasi. I came a little bit late. The purpose of this training is all the teacher can use blog as an online medium for learning. The first speaker was Mr. Amril Taufik Gobel. He explained the general information about blog such as kind of blog and how to make a good blog. The first session was closed by quiz to get free mobile phone from Indosat.

The next speaker was Mb Ajeng who known by her blog She told about the ethic for blog. He said because blog is on online media, we have to pay attention about the contents.


Next, we had practice session. It was guided by Mr. Irfan. We practiced how to make a blog in He guided us patiently. The first step was, we created a new email in This step was for who haven’t had any email. Then, we went to to create a new blog. Now, we know how to make a new post in our blog and how to insert picture on our blog. We had free access Internet im2 from Indosat.

This event held by Indonesian Teacher Association Bekasi Branch and Bekasi Blogger Community and fully supported by PT. Indosat. This event got extraordinary response from teachers in Bekasi and even came from out of Bekasi. Indosat also provided many doosprizes for the audiences such as mobile phone, books, and modem. And the last speaker, we had Mr. Wijaya Kusuma who well known as Teacher who love blog and published many books from his blog. He presented about how to use blog as medium of learning. He can be visited at He said that a teacher need to make a blog so the learning process will be more interesting and not limited by time and place. He said to write everyday, before or after sleep.

This event really motivate me to always writing and share information especially English for my students.


2 comments on “Notes from Blog Training for Teachers

  1. Great post, For those under graduates reading this post – I just wanna say that dont be afraid about blog. challenge yourself and learn new things along the way. Its not a big deal – it just need lot of hard work 🙂 thats it

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