– Sammy goes back to singing after prison days –

JAKARTA: Now that he is out of prison, the former vocalist of pop band Kerispatih, Hendra Samuel Simorangkir, says he is going to go back to singing, but this time solo.Sammy, 28, was released from prison in February this year after spending a year behind bars on drug charges.“[I’m] preparing myself mentally and practicing my singing,” he said Wednesday as quoted by detikhot.com.Sammy added he would rather opt to go solo than join a band again.Sammy was kicked out of Kerispatih in 2010 when he was named a suspect in a drug case. Kerispatih picked Fandy Santoso from 2007 Indonesian Idol as their new vocalist. — JP

– goes back to singing=kembali menyanyi
– out of prison=keluar penjara
– former vocalist=mantan vokalis
– was released=bebeas
– after spending a year=setelah menghabiskan setahun
– as quoted by=seperti dikutip oleh
– would rather opt to solo=lebih memilih untuk solo (menyanyi sendiri)
– was kicked out=didepak/keluarkan
– a suspect in a drug case=tersangka dalam kasus obat2an
– as their new vocalist=sebagai vokalis baru mereka


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